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5. September 2017
The MobilitäterInnen Handbook is here!
1. May 2018

We have been distinguished!
3rd place of VCÖ-Mobilitätspreis Tirol for The MobilitäterInnen Ingrid Felipe with Carmen Brucic (MobilitäterInnen), Markus Gansterer (VCÖ-Mobilität mit Zukunft), Rene Zumtobel (ÖBB)

Photocredits: Land Tirol, Sebastian Wallner

The VCÖ mobility prize is Austria's largest competition for sustainable mobility and is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of the Environment and the ÖBB. Traffic is the biggest worry child in climate protection. This is why this year's VCÖ Mobilitätspreis Tirol was devoted to the subject of "klimaverträglich mobil". "The submitted projects and ideas show that mobility can be put on climate course. They have the courage to act on the ground and implement concrete improvements, "emphasizes Markus Gansterer, the VCÖ expert.

A contribution to the excellent projects is also available on the website of the VCÖ


Press release VCÖ Mobilitätspreis Tirol 2017

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