18. February 2017
Logbook #2
“Irina and Peter in the car”
Movie and interviews
2. March 2017

Logbook #1
“First time”

The MobilitäterInnen Logbook #1

26.10.2016 from Volders to Schwaz

Two strangers, two people who have never met before, meet for the first time in a car, and drive together a little way.
This cinematic documentation captures the first, valuable moment of an encounter and is a prelude to further cinematographic works that show the potential of the car as a meeting space.

The trip took place within the scope of The MobilitäterInnen or the art to open up! An experience space for unconditional hospitality in the Salon Senf during the Kunstmeile Schwaz.

Thanks to the first passengers Alan, Irina, Hussein, Sultan, Oman and the first drivers Franz, Peter, Christian and Helga. Thanks also to the Salon Senf in Schwaz, which gave us space for our first encounters, and the manager of a refugee home Christoph Nussbaumer and his people for their support.


Idea and Concept: Carmen Brucic, Katharina Cibulka
Design and editing: Katharina Cibulka
Camera and sound: Ferdinand Cibulka
Comic Sounddesign: Moritz König

Here you can find all movies.

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