Logbook #17
An observation from the village
20. June 2017
Nominierung als “Top 5”-Projekt beim VCÖ-Mobilitätspreis 2017
21. July 2017

We won!
Main prize Arge-Alp-2017 for the MobilitäterInnen!

ARGE ALP has awarded the Arge Alp Prize 2017 "Integration in the Alpine Space" on Friday (June 30th). "The MobilitäterInnen" from Tyrol are the main prize winners.

On 30th June, theMobilitäterInnen were awarded the first prize at the Arge Alp Prize for innovative integration projects, within the framework of the 48th Conference of the Heads of Government of the 10 Arge Alp countries, the prize was awarded by Tyrolean Provincial Governor Günther Platter and Bavarians minister of state Dr. Beate Merk in the castle of Lautrach.

We are very pleased and thank you for the many stimulating discussions with the other prize winners and the participants of the conference. We are very happy and proud of our small but effective team, and now plan the next steps ...



Carmen Brucic (initiator and artistic director):

At the end of the award ceremony, I asked the international jury to explain why "the MobilitäterInnen" have won?

The answer in short was: We would have noticed immediately, by the style and the tonality - in what way, we are talking about this simple idea - when you go to the website, you would immediately notice that this is done with heart ...

I would therefore like to thank the team again, for this intensive development work, and cooperation, the brain lard, and the blood, sweat and tears. The fact that we have "dared" to trust so deeply into this story, and above all to dive into the "villages", now results in this recognition.

Thank you! - for the sympathetic drawings of Christoph Pirker, which are the first look at this undertaking. For support and creation of the inviting website by Markus Weberberger. For working on the moving film clips, with Katharina Cibulka, and Tobias Frühmorgen. For the many well readable texts, and the dramatic work with Joana Frühmorgen. That was, and is a lot of time and brave thinking.

And thanks to our supporters, fellow-citizens, friends, who are circling around us in this small planetary system.

Thanks to the pilot villages, which constantly demand our further thinking, staying tuned, and persevering.

Now, three days later, after the fog of the award went astray, and I analyzed our observations in the pilot villages to push the project forward, being invited to municipalities to think about networking in three regions, and deal with inquiries ... I wish to have the time, the necessary rest, and a good base to plan the next steps of the MobilitäterInnen unaffected. Catching a breath, followed by a calm, confident and trusting advance, building on real interpersonal encounters.

Dear MobilitäterInnen team, sincere thanks for the joy of working together.

Yours, Carmen

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